Everyday Slicker Brush


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Rina Shah
Perfect for curly labradoodle

Helps me remove mats tangles and debris from my curly labradoodle. Helps floof him up and keep him so soft. One note: The bristles are sharp so would not have a child use this brush without supervision

Y. Dysart
Slicker brush

I bought this for my son’s new puppy. The slicker brush is comfortable to hold and a beautiful design. My son loves it…the puppy is getting used to it ;)

Amazing!! I am so glad that you are loving the slicker brush! It definitely takes some getting used to for the pups, but you and your son will be grateful later on when you groom them! Thank you so much for your great 5 star review!

Teddy & Mochi
Love This Brush!

We really love this brush and my pup Mochi who use to avoid brushes accepts this brush. This use to be the ONLY brush he would allow but thanks to this brush we have been able to desensitize him to home grooming. As a long haired pup the pins on the brush gently grab his loose hairs, and they keep his coat looking top-notch. Mochi approves, and so do I!

Way to go!! I am so impressed that you are densensitizing him to home grooming! It is most definitely a journey, but I know you are doing amazing! Thank you so much for your review and I am so glad that yourself and Mochi approve;)

Sharon S
Best. Brush. Ever!!!

This is the best brush for your dog. I have two cockapoos who hate being brushed. This brush, however, makes them love a good brush. Its stickers get deep into mattes and gently get out any knits and mattes. I’m obsessed with how much less of a chore it has become. I now have two so I can keep them in different rooms.

Sharon, thank you so much for your 5 star review! We truly appreciate you! I am so glad that you and your two fur babies are enjoying the slicker brush!

xoxo Jadie // The Pupwell Team