The Ultimate Grooming Kit

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Ultimate Education Course ($150 value)

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Ultimate grooming kit = ultimate love match

I absolutely LOVE this grooming kit! I have three Yorkie’s & everything works great on their hair. 🐾🐶

Doodly-obsessed with this kit

I am in love with this grooming kit. I have 3 goldendoodles and am so happy that I chose to purchase this kit. It came beautifully packaged with care. Each item goes above and beyond expectations. My go to took from the kit is the slicker brush. It’s utter perfection at getting tangles and mats out and it’s soft enough that it doesn’t scratch your skin. I have shown all of my family members my kits and now they want to get one too!

Beautiful kit with fantastic value!

I could not wait until my delivery today! Everything came wrapped in beautiful packaging. It felt like Christmas! I immediately dived into the demattibg comb!! LIKE A HOT KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER! I can’t wait to tell all my doodle bug da about this comb! And to auction my dog In place. And to comb his eye boogies! I can go on!! Thank you!

Amanda cox
Well worth it!

Okay so I don’t have a doodle. Or even a “fluffy” dog, but my long haired English setter’s coat has greatly benefited from these grooming tools! The de matting tool has been a life saver for me, allowing me to save his long feathering rather than cut a chunk out like I used to do! I might not use all the tools as they’re intended, but having this quality of shears and tools makes a big difference in how my dog looks and time between grooming sessions. Love my set!

Awesome Kit.

NGL, it took me a few months to purchase this kit, I didn’t know if it would be worth the price tag. I am so glad that I purchased the Ultimate Grooming Kit because it has made grooming my new puppy so much easier. I, like many others, had the Amazon kit and while it was okay, the quality just wasn’t up to par. The scissors, nail clippers and brush are my favorites! Run, don’t walk to get this kit, you won’t be sorry❤️