The Ultimate Grooming Kit

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Ultimate Education Course ($150 value)

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Ashley Whiting

The Ultimate Grooming Kit

Cheryl Crawford

Tools looks professional and great quality.. I'm in the process of watching the videos with the purchase, seem informative and easy to follow. Short and sweet. Haven't started trimming yet, gonna give it a shot next week. Trimming our furrbaby myself will save a bundle and pay for itself in 2.5 months! And I can manage her hair length when needed, plus blend better than the groomers have been doing. I'm excited to get started!

Jillian Boumeester

The Ultimate Grooming Kit

Jen Lacey
Feels so glamorous

Everything about the kit is beautiful. I love the carry case, the brushes, the scissors, the nail filer, everything really! They work great and my pup loves to get brushed and groomed. I’m so thankful to be able to do this myself and not have to send her to a groomer every couple of months. It’s saving me money in the end!


This kit is absolutely amazing! I love his functional each tool is. I recently decided to start grooming my bichon Frisé at home (due to his anxiety as well as $125 every 4-6 weeks at a groomer) I am beyond pleased with the ultimate grooming kit. I researched for months & read tons of reviews before purchasing, I mean it’s definitely an investment & there were other products out there for cheaper. I’m so happy I decided to invest in Pupwell! The videos really help & I watched more online for Bichons, and now I have fully groomed my fur baby, Wesley, twice-not to mention daily brushing. This kit is wonderful & I love supporting small businesses-since my husband is a small business owner too.