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Trudi Kane
Love this detangler tool!

I will be honest, I don't do reviews, but this tool is the best!
I have a schnoodle and his beard gets caked with wet food. To detangle his beard, the detangler tool is the best tool I have ever used. I no longer have to snip out knots and this takes so much less time to use! Buy it! You won't regret it!

Trudi, WE LOVE YOU!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us an amazing review! We love the detangler and I am so glad that you do too!! You're the best!

Rina Shah
Best dematting for labradoodle

This detangling comb is a game changer for our curly doodle. It helps prevent matting more than any previous comb or brush I have used. It is very sharp so exercise caution when using. Love that we discovered this product and have already been recommending to other doodle owners too!

Yay!! Thank you so much for your review! The doodle grooming life is not easy but I am so glad that you are using the detangler to stay on top of it! And shout out to you for recommending to other doodle owners! Keep up the good work!


This detangler works great. Best buy I've made to groom my dog who at the age of 12 has no patience for grooming.

Kimberly Scott
Best tool for your Doodle

I can't believe how easy it is to comb out mats from my wavy coat Goldendoodle. The brush is extremely easy and very gentle. My pup generally does not like to be brushed, (work in progress), but does allow me to use this on those occasional mats. I would highly recommend this product.

Kimberly, your 5 star review means the world to us! I am so glad that your detangler is working so great to get mats out! Keep up the great work!! Thanks so much for your kind review:)

Beth Townsend
Pupwell products

I was a bit skeptical at first about spending the amount of money for the products but I decided to do it, and I am so happy and grateful that I did. It truly is the best brush there is. I also love the shears set as they are such high-quality, and really help me to groom my Bernedoodle at home. I tell everyone about Pupwell.

Beth, we truly appreciate your 5 star review as these reviews help us as a growing business emensly! We would love to see some before and after pictures of your sweet Bernedoodle as you go through your grooming journey with us at Pupwell! Thanks again for your continued love and support!