Do you sell items individually?

Often times during promos! Make sure you are signed up for our emails to be notified.

Can I buy education without products?

Absolutely! Here is our Ultimate Grooming Course.

What kind of dogs are your products for?

All dogs! We specialize in doodles & hypoallergenic dogs.

Do the products and education work for all kinds of doodles?

Yes! The education is a blueprint or all kinds of doodles.

Will this work if my dogs coat is curly?

Yes! Our tools & education are perfect for curly coats!

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we do not. Hoping to in 2024!

How much is shipping?

FREE on orders over $100

Shipping is calculated at checkout for all orders under $100.

Can I order only the shears?

Absolutely, we sell them as a kit called The Classic Shears Set.

Do you offer Local pick up?

We do not, but if you’re local you should be getting your kits as quick as amazon prime.

How long does shipping take?

We have a fantastic fulfilment center that ships out orders within 3 business days M-F. Then typically another 5 -7 days after your order is shipped. Learn more here.

Does education come with the kits?

The Ultimate Grooming Kit comes with The Ultimate Grooming Course. Each individual product sold also has a QR code to watch and learn how to use that specific product.

What makes your grooming shears different than cheap ones on amazon?

Our shears are made of a 9c superior steel. Each shear is personally tested and sharpened by a 3 generation operated shear sharpening company, here locally in UT. We stand behind the quality of our shears, you will never need to purchase another pair.

Do you sell left handed shears?

Each shear is designed to work for both right- or left-handed users.

Do you do donations?

Every year we have donated grooming products to local shelters, and give to families struggling with ALS.

How do I get the education after I’ve purchased a kit?

After checkout you will be e-mailed detailed information to access education through Kajabi. We recommend you download the Kajabi app so your education will be right at your fingertips.

How often do shears need to be sharpened?

Depends on how often, and much you use them! Maybe once a year. Or if you have dropped your shears and they aren’t cutting quite right, send them in and they will happily fix them!

What if my shears need to be sharpened?

We have partnered with the North Salt Lake Sharpening company for you to mail your shear kit to, and they will sharpen and mail back in a timely manner, for a fantastic price of only $20.

How do I login for the education?

You should have a personal username and password that you created when you first purchased your kit or education.