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Courtney Murgia
An essential purchase for every dog parent!

The pup parent essentials kit is truly life-changing! The tools are so beautifully designed and have made the experience of grooming my golden retriever an absolute dream! The everyday slicker brush in particular effortlessly detangles his long hair and leaves it feeling so silky and soft. Everyone comments about how stunning his coat looks, and I let them know that we have Pupwell to thank for that!

Courtney, thank you so much for your amazing review! We are thrilled to hear that you and your furry friend are loving your Pupwell products! Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our products enhance the lives of pups and pup parents!:)

The best grooming tools!

We love all Pupwell tools! I have 2 golden-doodles and ever since I started using Pupwell, it’s made my grooming & daily brushing routine much easier! Also, the quality is just amazing. These combs/brushes help remove all tangles, knots & matting much faster than other brushes I’ve tried. All doodle owners, these are a must!

Natalia! This is an amazing review! It brings us joy knowing that it is making your brushing routine easier! We hope to contiunally see it do just that! Thanks for your kind words:)

Jana Rudat
The grooming tools that changed our life!

We love these brushes, it was never that easy to achieve this ultimate floof and get rid of any tangles. The quality is amazing and every piece is so thoughtfully designed - we never want to do a groom without these brushes.

I am so glad that you are loving your Pupwell tools, Jana! Thanks a ton for your kind review!!

Ollie Lee Doodle Mom
All you need to brush my doodle

I love the quality of these brushes! I am particular about my slicker brush since my pup has curly and dense coat. This one has long pins and the handle is very comfortable to hold. The comb also is heavy and well made. The detail comb has much longer pins than the one I have and so much easier to hold because of the tall half moon shape. I've never owned a detangling comb before . It was such an eye opening experience to detangle and so easy to use!


I love the quality, definitely worth purchasing.