Before launching Pupwell I was a professional in the cosmetology world, a professional breeder and a long-time dog owner.

What struck me when I became a dog owner was the lack of basic grooming guidance from vets and groomers. The only reason I had any inkling about dog grooming care was my background in human skin and haircare.

It became clear to me as I became a groomer that the right tools and resources could empower dog owners to care for their pups in a way that felt authentic to who they are.

Pupwell was started to empower dog owners to care for their (pup, well) by caring for their dogs grooming needs. Using our elevated line of beautiful essentials that are the same quality a professional would use. We began out of my kitchen using my own dogs to test each and every product on. Today, we’ve expanded our product line, educational resources, and community to help achieve our mission in helping every Pup Parent care for their pup well.

As a Goldendoodle breeder I had tried to find a way to teach new puppy owners everything I knew they were going to need. But it was too much information, that was ever changing with their age.

I hit the same wall when it came to professional tools. They were either bad quality, too expensive or tacky colors.

After a exciting year of researching, designing and sampling 100's and 100's of products, I am thrilled to offer the first grooming company here for the pupParent.

making life better for you & your pup