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Brittni Camerano
So so helpful

I’m new to the doodle world and I’m so thankful I purchased this course, helped me immediately when I brought my pup home at 14 weeks and now he is 18 weeks. From how to bathe, come through, check for matting. Gave me the confidence to make sure my sweet boy Bodie is so handsome and happy. I’ve shared Pupwell with my mom and sis as they have goldendoodles themselves. Also have the slicker brush and it’s amazing!

Amazing Kit and Guidance

These tools are above and beyond for the at-home groomer (and first timer!). The videos are great references every time that my husband and I groom our 7-month old Australian Labradoodle - even though she’s not totally a fan we are!

Joni Cadmus
Amazing info for any doodle owner!

I absolutely loved this course. I learned so much! It is a must for any doodle owner. I have a 2 year old mini aussiedoodle, my first doodle, and I had no idea how to properly groom her. I’m so glad I found Pupwell. The brush is also amazing. Next on my list is the basic grooming kit.

Barbara Ford
No clipper grooming

I was very disappointed that there was no video on how to clipper groom your dog. If I had paid the suggested retail, I would have asked for my money back. It was worth only$33

Hi Barbara, thank you so much for your feedback and we apologize for any confusion. You are right, we do not teach dog owners how to use clippers in this course, so we made sure to state that in the description. This course focuses on teaching basic grooming needs for dog parents. We hope you found our teachings valuable, if not, you can e-mail our customer support team hello@thepupwell.com and we will reimburse you.

Robert Russell
Well done!

Products are high quality and the video's are straight forward