Pupwell Ambassador Program

Do you like creating content with your pup? Then you are in the right place! 

Introducing the Pupwell Ambassador Program, an ambassador program focused on creating educational and entertaining content about grooming your pup and pet parent life. 

We are searching for 10 pet parents to join our Ambassador Program! 

Who you are: A dog parent , who has a public Instagram profile and is excited about spreading the word about Pupwell in your community. 

The Ambassador Program is a 5-month commitment where we will send you monthly boxes Pupwell bestsellers, new products, and tools to help you create content and learn how to groom your pup. Creators that join will be required to do the following:

  • Post 2 Instagram Reels a month in collaboration with Pupwell
  • Help promote new launches or promotions by sharing with your family and community. 
  • Provide feedback about the program in our Facebook Group.

Over the next 5-months we are excited to get to know you in our Facebook Group where we will share news, tips & tricks for creating Reels, and just chat all things dogs! We’re excited to help you grow and can’t wait for you to join the Pupwell family. 

You will be notified by January 20th if you are accepted.


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