As a professional dog breeder of 5+ years I have helped over 100 families prepare to bring a puppy into their home!



1. Puppy Food

I have tried dozens of dog foods, and Lifes Abundance easily won our hearts. To name a few reason: Made in small batches, made in the USA. They have never had a recall, and my dogs love it. Dog's eat less, because of the high quality ingredients. (TMI) Our dogs poops are smaller, consistent and their urine doesn't kill the grass. We feed all our puppies and adults All Lifes Stages. 

2. Crate

 My favorite crate by far is Diggs. First, It is beautiful, and neutral, blending into your home furniture. Do yourself a favor and get the size medium if your dog will be over 25 pounds full grown. I love that it has a separator for the puppy stage, so you only need to buy one crate for their lifetime. Folds up so easily. You can access from the short or wide side, making it easy to fit into more places in your home. Plus, it has a top opening. It collapses very easy, and you can roll it with you to move wherever you need.

Use code BOUNTIFULDOODLES for a $25 off

3. Collar & Leash

Pick up a collar for your pup, or better yet order a custom one off etsy. Get a name tag made with your name and phone number. I love a short leash, that is thin and doesn't weigh a whole lot for your puppies first experience with a leash. 

4. Grooming Supplies

I highly recommend The Good Pup Ultimate Grooming kit! This includes almost everything you need. Slicker brush, Nail clippers, demel for desenstizing, suction leash to keep your puppy in the tub for baths! 3 set shear set to trim your puppies eyes, feed and bum. Plus all the education to teach you how to properly create for your puppies life long grooming needs! 

5. Pet Bed

This is to teach your puppy "place". 

6. Dog Trainer

I highly recommend getting the online training program, Baxter and Bella. It's a fantastic resource for puppy potty training, crate training, socializing and working on basic obedience. The program grows with you and your puppy. You can make one-on-one appointments with their professional trainers to help you.              USE CODE BOUNTIFULDOODLES for $50 off


7. Treats

Reward your puppies good behavior! Lifes Abundance freeze dried turkey treats, porky puffs. Their bully sticks will save your life, I mean shoes and furniture. 

8. Chew toys

Benebone, Kong, Nyla Bone, Bully sticks. Toys they can tug on, soft toys for their sharp (growing in) teeth. 

9. Snuggle Puppy

I recommend each and every family get a snuggle puppy! They are a comfort to help your puppy adjust to their new home, with their heat pad and beating heart. If you can, send it to your breeders home first so they can get littermates scent on the toy for your puppy to take home! 

10.  Play Pen/Baby Gate

Puppies need to earn their space in your home. Start with having them in a secluded area of your home. This could be a mud room or laundry room too! But never let your puppy roam the house without you. 


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