Meet the kit


The collar’s round, braided design helps prevent matting and keeps your pup’s neck comfortable and their coat soft.


The 33-inch “city length” leash is intentionally designed to help avoid tugging and pulling, giving you and your pup a more comfortable, controlled walk.

Waste Bag

Our waste bag dispenser is easy to load and made from our signature, buttery vegan leather. Bags are pulled through the beveled opening for a clean grab every time.

Treat Pouch

The treat pouch completes the four-piece set with a sleek pebbled finish and anodized brass zipper. As any good PupParent knows, treats are the key to a happy walk!

Why a 33" leash?

A lot of research was poured into the design, and specifically length, of this leash. What we learned is that the sweet spot for PupParents and keeping their pup close is exactly 33 inches. It's a standard "city length," and helps give you and your pup a comfortable, more controlled walk.

How to find the right collar size

Take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your pup's neck, snug. Then add half an inch, and that's the right collar size.

(ex: If you measure 11 inches around the neck, the collar is size 11 1/2" or size small.) You can also print our one-page size guide to help measure your pup's neck.

Take a look at our quick and easy tutorial for how a collar should fit and selecting the right size.


When will my City Walk Kit ship?

All orders ship within 3 business days of your order. Ships free of charge!

What if my dog is in between two sizes?

We recommend you size up! That way your pup will have 2 fingers width between the collar and their neck. Watch how to measure here.

Will this be gift ready?

Yes! Our City Walk Kit will come to you in a gorgeous white box ready for a bow on top.