Everyone knows dogs are a mans best friend. As much as our dad, husband or partner said they didn't want a dog, turns out, they did. They adore their furry BFF. Delight your dog-dad with the best gift and give him what he really wants, tools. It will be the surprise he'll never forget, and he'll use often.

Surprise your dog-dad with a gift to enjoy for years to come.



For the dad that doesn't want scratched floors-  this Father’s Day is the perfect time to add this must-have duo to his do-it-yourself (DIY) grooming. If he knows tools, he'll know exactly what it means when you tell him the Dremel is a Diamond Bit- and that it won't burn or hurt anything it touches.  It’s powerful enough to take on all dog nails, and light enough to be easy to hold and use. Even if Dad already has nail clippers, the Iconic Nail Duo is an upgrade and a simple and educated two step process. Iconic Nail Duo

For the Dad that keeps his dogs like his car: Clean & shiny.

The Everyday Slicker Brush and Everyday Comb are designed for 1x - 7x a week use. Designed to easily brush through the coat, prevent matting, and make the coat soft & fluffy. This entire set is designed with professional grooming tools, for pup parents to expertly tackles your pups coat and skin. Pup Parent Essentials


For the Dad that really takes pride in what he owns, by taking care of it. And if he's like our dad- he loves to save money. 

Let's help him take care of his dogs grooming and health to the next level. This is the perfect intro to professional grooming products, but designed for pup parents. 

Starting with a bath, our Stay in place leash will keep any pup from jumping out and shaking water all over the floor. Pampering them with a delicious lick mat for distraction and a toothbrush for dental health all while giving wet kisses. 

Next, while blow drying, he'll use the Slicker Brush to remove tangles and loose fur effortlessly, keeping his pup fluffy and tangle free. (He'll also use this weekly to maintain that nice coat!) Following with our high quality Shear Set for an accurate trim and high quality Shear Set for an accurate trim. Our Detangler Comb and Metal Wide Tooth Comb make grooming even the thickest of coats a breeze, while the small Detailer Comb ensures no area is missed.

Finally, maintain their nails with our easy to use nail clippers with a guard for ensuring nails aren't cut too short, and end with the nail grinder to smooth out nails. Our dads & dogs furry BFF deserves the best and Pupwell is here to do just that with our Ultimate Grooming Kit

Grooming Organizer FREE with all purchases over $100

3 examples of Grooming Kits you could make for your dad: 


  1. Pup Parent Essentials - 4 piece Brush set 
  2. Stay In Place Leash - keep your pup from running away and make bath time more enjoyable!
  3. Grooming Organizer ($70 free with code FREETOTE)
  • Total = $175 Value = $265


  1. Everyday Slicker Brush ($55) -
  2. Everyday Comb ($30)
  3. Detangler Comb ($35)
  4. Grooming Organizer ($70 free with code FREETOTE)
  • Total = $120 Value = $190


  1. Nail Duo ($65)

  2. Everyday Slicker Brush ($55)

  3. Happy Feelings Lick Mat ($20)

  4. Puppy Breath Toothbrush ($10)

  5. Grooming Organizer ($70 free with code FREETOTE)

  • Total = $150 Value = $220



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