The Ultimate Grooming Kit

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Ultimate Education Course ($150 value)

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Camille S
Good quality but overpriced

I love this ultimate grooming set and everything it came with but i do feel it could be better especially at the price it’s at. The organization bag is bigger than i imagined which is great! Very high quality and i love all the pockets it has inside. The shear case is very nice and sleek but i wish they had added a small oil bottle with a cleaning cloth and some additional thumb grips. And for the shears all of them are nice just make sure to adjust them before you use them. The metal tooth comb is just like any cheap one you can get on amazon for $5. The slicker bush, departing brush, and nail
clippers are my favorite things out of this set !! Very fancy and unique. I like the fine tooth comb but i expected more since it’s made of wood but feels more like plastic material. The nail grinder is smaller than anticipated and works decently but again something you can get from amazon for $15. The ear hair forceps is a nice touch but i would also recommend buying ear powder for your dogs and using both on your dog. The suction cup is a nice touch especially if you don’t have a grooming table but if your dog is a puller this thing will come right off even if it’s a flare surface and the grooming leash is a very cheap material. The lick mat is a good touch i would recommend spreading dog friendly food or treats and leaving it in the freezer before giving it to your pup, but again this is something you can easily buy from amazon for a cheaper more reasonable price and you can probably get a two pack for less. Lastly the ultimate education course with “value of $150” is more of a scam. You can check out their you tube videos and most of those are part of this course but if you just want to learn how to do specific trims there are plenary of other groomers on youtube that make videos for beginners or parents just like us! :) Overall 4 starts because i know they can do way better at selecting what they choose to sell and for the price. I hope this helps

Skye Colbert
Excited to try!! Waiting on my delivery!

I ordered my kit a few days ago! Super excited for it to come in the mail! I watched all the videos & eager to get started on my mini goldendoodle!

FYI: Don’t pay extra for expedited shipping. It does not come in 2-4 business days as promised!! Save your money‼️

Kristi Thompson

New doodle owner here, and this kit makes grooming at home enjoyable and easy!

Beautiful Sets!

I am giving 4 stars because I purchased The Ultimate Grooming Kit with a full course training class. When I received the package there were a couple missing. The package kit was beautiful!  And the full course training classes video did not come with closed captions which is DISAPPOINT! Since I am deaf and have no accessibility on the videos at all. I contacted customer service about missing items and closed caption videos. I was impressed that they were shipping fast! I am hoping that they're-made videos with closed captions. People in the Deaf community that have dog/s as well. I love classic shear sets. The classic shear sets were very good quality compared to other brands. 

Lisa F
Love This Grooming Kit!

Great quality products and helpful instructional videos. I never thought I could do my own grooming one day until now. This will save me a lot of money and hassle with groomers, while bonding with my new puppy.