"All my grooming supplies add up close to $1,000. "

Since I groom 20+ dogs a month, I had gotten the commercial and high dollar products. My scissors alone are $284.00. I was super excited to get the Pupwell Ultimate Kit. Not only is it all beautiful, but the products are amazing. Remember I said my scissors alone were $284? You get so much in this kit for only $350!

Billie J. Silvercreek Doodles

It's really as easy as you say!

I started using the kit, and I'm obsessed! It's really as easy as you say! I can't wait to do a better job than my groomer!

Elizabeth, Australian Labradoodle owner

The quality of the shears from Pupwell is impeccable!

I have spent hundreds of dollars on shears that aren’t even near the quality of Pupwell’s. These shears will be the perfect addition to ANY and ALL doodle owners and even any dog owners. They are perfect all around shears that will do their job precisely. Julia has nailed this down and you will not regret adding the kits to your home grooming collection.

Allie O. Professional Dog Groomer

Best grooming purchase we've ever made

I just finished up their educational videos and they are seriously AMAZING! Best grooming purchase we've EVER made.

Andrea B. Brickhouse doodles

Holy cow Julia this is amazing!!!!!! All of it thank youuuuuu!!!

-Lizzy S. Wonderful world of doodles