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Nancy Pierce
Great products

All of these products are of outstanding quality and really do the job

Nancy, thank you so much for your words! We are so glad that you love your products! Keep up the good work!

Jadie // The Pupwell Team

Get yourself multiple!

We love using this to get knots out, goobers, or if our goldendoodle finds himself with a bunch of Texas stickers stuck in his fur! We had to get multiple and place them all over the house and in our cars! Very easy to grab and comb!

Thank you so much for your 5 star review!!
Those stickers sure are a pain but I am so glad that you have found the comb so helpful in your grooming journey! Keep up the good work!

Teddy & Mochi
Essential grooming tool

This comb is great for detangling and combing through long fur! I use it for my Poms and you can imagine the floof level!

Rebecca Gildersleeve Gildersleeve
Essential for doodle owners!

This comb is an everyday essential! The quality of this comb is amazing! Check for tangles and mats and get down to the skin when combing without snagging. I love this comb for my doodles!

Mafe Teran
Best comb for matted hair!

I have a yorkie and this comb is a great hair saver! My pup gets matted pretty easy because she’s really fluffy. Everyday comb has made our life easier because we can get those tangles out faster and without pain.