Summer is a great time to go outside and enjoy activities with your pup! But the hot weather can be a risk to our furry friends! Dogs can overheat easily causing health concerns such as heart attacks and potentially life threatening conditions. Follow along for some easy tips to keep your pup cool and comfortable during the summer months.

1. provide PLENTY of fresh water

Encourage your dog to stay hydrated by providing multiple places in your home and yard as a place to get FRESH and CLEAN water! Consider buying a pet water fountain to keep the water cool and appealing to your pup.

2. create SHADED areas

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, make sure there are plenty of shaded areas where they can resort to if they need to escape the sun. Use umbrellas, tarps, or even DIY doghouses with plenty of ventilation.

3. LIMIT going out during peak heat

Avoid exercise with your dog during the peak heat of the day by taking them for walks early in the morning, or later in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Pay attention to their behavior and stop if you notice they are overheating or acting different.

4. NEVER leave your dog in a parked car

A parked car can become extremely hot and dangerous within minutes EVEN with the windows cracked. Be mindful of your pup and leave him/her at home if you plan on going inside somewhere.

5. give them FROZEN treats

Treat your pup to homemade frozen treats! You can freeze plain yogurt, dog-friendly fruits such as strawberries and blueberries with water in ice cube trays, mashed ripe bananas, sliced apples, and even peanut butter. These cool treats can help regulate your dogs body temperature on a hot summer day.

6. Use appropriate cooling PRODUCTS and ACCESSORIES

There are many products and accessories that are designed to help protect your dog. Use things such as cooling mats, vests, and bandanas to keep them comfortable. When going outside, be sure to use feet protection like dog shoes to prevent their paws from getting burned.
If your dog loves water, set up a kiddie pool for them to jump and splash around in to cool off.

7. GROOM your dog appropriately!

While you may think the shave down is the best for your long coated pup during the summer months... IT'S NOT! They can get sun burned very easily and can cause lots of pain for them!
For dogs with long and thick fur, consider a body trim of .25"-5/8". This will help if you have foxtails in your neighborhood as a tight groom on their feet/coats will make them easier to remove.
Brushing your dog regularly, will help prevent matting and remove excess fur.

Keeping your dog safe during the summer months is essential. With these tips, you and your dog can make the most of the warmer weather by staying cool and comfortable.


xoxo // The Pupwell Team


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