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Nice & works well

Stephanie R.
Great grooming tool!

This detailer really comes in handy for grooming my dog’s face, especially around his eyes. Makes getting eye boogers a breeze and stops me from trying to get them with my fingertips. Excellent quality.

So glad that you love your detailer comb!! We designed it for the exact reason of saving our nails! Thanks so much for your kind words!

Obsessed with this comb!

Maui, my labradoodle, actually loves when I use this comb! She tries to lick it! I love that it’s so easy to use, we use it for her eyes and whenever there are small matts in her paws.

The fact that every dog loves to eat those eye boogers... haha I am so glad that you have found it so helpful!! Keep up the good work!

Our favorite comb

We LOVE this comb! I’m constantly cleaning Maple’s eyes and this has made it so much easier (and more pleasant for her). Wish I’d had it sooner!

I bet Maple truly appreciates you and your drive to take care of her! I am so glad that you love your comb!
Thank you so much!!

Maria Renta-Marrero
10 stars highly recommend

Since I got my comb, it has become part of our daily morning routine… I keep it right in my bathroom always. It has definitely helped keep those eye goobers away. This doodle mom thinks you!

Maria! Thank you SO much!! We are so glad that you are loving your detailer comb! We look forward to serving you again soon!!
much love!

Jadie // The Pupwell Team