As humans, we love fireworks! Fireworks can be a source of joy and celebration.

What might not be a celebration, is fireworks for your dogs.  They can be a source of anxiety and fear. The loud noises, bright lights and sudden bursts can be overwhelming for our furry friends. As Pup Parents, we are responsible for taking the essentials steps to make sure our dogs remain calm and safe during the upcoming firework shows.

Below is a guide of 6 steps to help you navigate firework season with joy and safety.

1. Desensitize your dog

-Leading up to firework season, play firework recordings at a low volume during calming time. Gradually increase volume overtime
-Help your pup build a positive opinion of fireworks by rewarding them with treats, praise and playtime as they remain calm to the loud firework sounds.

2. Create a safe space

-Choose a room in your house where your dog feels safe and comfortable and designate that as the "calming room". Make this place as comfortable as possible by closing the windows, closing curtains, and use sound machines to muffle the sound of the fireworks.
-Include your pup's favorite items including toys, blankets, and a bed. This will give your pup a sense of security.

3. Stay calm YOURSELF

-Dogs are highly aware of their humans emotions. Because of this, you must remain calm during situations that may be frightening. If you remain calm and composed during fireworks, yours dog will pick up on your demeanor and remain clam as well and feel at ease.
-Our natural response is to coddle our pup when they are scared or nervous. This gives them the sense that what they are feeling is okay, and that is the opposite of what we want. Excessive coddling can reinforce fear. Instead offer reassurance and remain clam as if everything is normal

4. Keep your pup inside

-Keep your pup indoors during fireworks to ensure they don't run away out of fear of the loud noises.
-If you must take your dog outside, keep them on a leash at all times. Even the most well behaved dogs can get scared at times when noises come up when they are not expecting them.

5. Plan Ahead

-Get all of your dogs energy out before heading out on your firework journey. A well exercised dog is generally more relaxed.
-If possible, stay away from areas where fireworks are going to be let off. Choose quieter routes for walks.

6. Post Firework comfort

-Once the fireworks have ended, check your pup for any signs of distress or injury. Be sure they are calm and then reassure them that you love them everything is alright.
-Return back to your pup's normal routine. Consistency can help them feel more calm and reduce stress.

Fireworks don't have to be a scary thing for your dog. By preparing in advance, and creating a safe space, you can help your furry friend navigate firework season with little stress. Remember that your dog relies on you for comfort and safety, so staying calm is key to ensuring their well-being during this challenging time. Enjoy this season and as always, do your best to keep your dog safe and sound!


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