The Ultimate Grooming Kit

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Ultimate Education Course ($150 value)

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This kit is absolutely amazing! I love his functional each tool is. I recently decided to start grooming my bichon Frisé at home (due to his anxiety as well as $125 every 4-6 weeks at a groomer) I am beyond pleased with the ultimate grooming kit. I researched for months & read tons of reviews before purchasing, I mean it’s definitely an investment & there were other products out there for cheaper. I’m so happy I decided to invest in Pupwell! The videos really help & I watched more online for Bichons, and now I have fully groomed my fur baby, Wesley, twice-not to mention daily brushing. This kit is wonderful & I love supporting small businesses-since my husband is a small business owner too.

Love these tools!

Such incredible quality! Every doodle parent needs these, even just for little trims between grooming appointments and everyday brushing!

Amazing Quality!

I love this grooming kit! The quality is incredible & the course has given me knowledge & confidence I wish I had when my dog was a little puppy. It helps me maintain her beautiful coat in between grooms & I especially love the suction cup leash to help with at home bathing.

Katelyn Stewart
Absolutely Amazing Grooming Kit

This kit is absolutely amazing and has changed my life forever. When I first got my doodle pup I could never find that one perfect grooming salon to take my pup to. When I learned I could teach myself, I hundred percent took the chance to purchase this kit and learn from the videos. For past year I’ve been grooming my pup myself, without the help of a professional groomer. This kit has saved me a lot of money that I could have potentially spent, if this grooming kit wasn’t available to purchase.

Absolutely amazing doodle kit!

I never have to wait to give my cavapoo a trim. Whenever he needs a little touch up and can easily give him a face trim so he is always looking his best. The quality of the products are phenomenal! I love being able to have control over when I groom my pup! And talk about a money saver! Holy Crap! This is an absolute must for any doodle owner. One of the best investments you will make that will pay back over and over.